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What Did it Take to Kill Osama Bin Laden? Seconds or Hours? Pittsburgh Mental Coach Dan Vitchoff Offers Insight as Related to his Work with Olympic Gold Medal Shooters

What Did it Take to Kill Osama Bin Laden? Seconds or Hours? Pittsburgh Mental Coach Dan Vitchoff Offers Insight as Related to his Work with Olympic Gold Medal Shooters

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) May 11, 2011

Dan Vitchoff of Pittsburgh, PA may be able to shed some light on this topic. Vitchoff knows a bit about the training, concentration and timing it takes to fire off accurate shots while under pressure. He is the mental coach for United States Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) who won the U.S.A. two Gold medals at the 2008 Olympics. There is no doubt in Vitchoff’s mind that the shots that killed Osama Bin Laden were fired by well trained mentally alert, mentally strong and physically prepared shooters whose training included technique and various mental aspects for their mission. The mission that killed Osama Bin Laden was not the Olympics. Vitchoff is quick to state, “There was danger and much more than aim and shoot in the Bin Laden kill; however there are similar elements of mental training that must come in to play when human beings are faced with performing under pressure.”    This Pittsburgher, founder of “The 33 Method” emphasizes that intense and repeated mental training is as important as technical training.

When Vitchoff works with some of the elite marksmen who train American soldiers for combat and are also Olympic athletes he uses his proprietary program “The 33 Method” which incorporates a variety of mental and psychological techniques. . Vitchoff’s work with the USAMU, members of the U.S.A Shooting Team is the basis of his comments and expert opinion about what took place seconds before the shots that killed Bin Laden as well as his certainty about the type of training needed. Vitchoff shares his knowledge of tremendous concentration, the emotional and mental reaction and accuracy of shots in a pressure filled situation. Since the shooters, who were trained with Vitchoff’s 33 Method, brought home Gold Medals from the 2008 Olympics, Vitchoff has shared some of the techniques he used with the shooters. Vitchoff trained the minds of the shooters for split second, 100% accurate shots similar to what may have been used by the Navy Seals who brought down Bin Laden. When training the shooters, this international mental coach emphasizes preparing the mind, training the mind, testing the mind and mental practice. So how many seconds did it take to aim shoot and kill Bin Laden? Baswed on his extensive experience in working with some of the world’s best shooters, Vitchoff’s answer is, “ Pre-mission is in hours not seconds. They program their minds on how to respond to hundreds of scenarios and thousands of minutes.” Vitchoff’s guess on the actual shots that killed Osama Bin Laden, “I would guess 2 seconds which takes into consideration the mental training that had already come into play relative to reacting to whatever prompted the actual shots. This does not mean that it only took two seconds to process the entire action. It means that these special, highly trained individuals were so well practiced both mentally and physically that the average person can hardly calculate the millisecond processing of every aspect of their surroundings.”

As with the details behind the Navy Seals mission in Pakistan, Vitchoff’s “33 Method” is a chocked full of proprietary secrets that lead to success under pressure. As the owner and lead practitioner of the PA Hypnosis Center, Vitchoff’s diverse skills for reprogramming the mind are used to help Pittsburghers and people from around the world to make healthy changes in their lives. His belief and practice exemplifies the old adages 1)“it’s all in your head” and 2)“ the game is 40% physical and 60% mental. Whether it’s shooting, weight loss, smoking cessation, athletic performance or anxiety control, Vitchoff helps people prepare their minds for challenges that range from intense situations like what the Navy Seals have just accomplished to the challenges of making personal changes. Because the sub-conscious mind plays an integral role in human actions and reaction the programming for success in all situations is a matter or discipline and training. For more information about how Vitchoff helps his athletes train their minds for success please visit or call 724-934-8446.

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