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Listbuilding Expert Shares His Knowledge

Listbuilding Expert Shares His Knowledge

Brattleboro, Vermont (PRWEB) August 27, 2008

Tellman Knudson, founder and CEO of knows what it is like to fail. He started eight businesses before anything ever took off. In college he ran a salsa business out of his dorm room. In 2005 he was running six hypnotherapy practices. In both cases he ran up against the same problems, he was limited by his own ability to expand.

In 2005 he had a revelation. He could create Cd’s of the material that he was offering people in his hypnotism practice, that way he could help a greater number of people and perhaps earn a decent profit too. He did not make money right out of the gates. In fact it took him numerous attempts. It wasn’t until he was down to his last fifty dollars when he started asking people who were declining his products what he could do to make them more appealing. It was through taking their advice that things started turning around.

Through this experience Tellman learned the importance of offering a good product, the value of writing strong copy and the essentials of having some technical knowledge. Even with all this, the one thing that kept coming up over and over was the importance of having a list of interested prospects. He asked himself a question “What if I interview experts who already have products and pick their brains about Listbuilding?” The result was the website Knudson’s list grew larger and he established himself as an expert in Listbuilding.

In April of 2008 Knudson’s company, Overcome Everything Inc., launched with the intention of leading people step by step through the process of generating prospect lists and building successful online businesses. Currently there are 84 instructional videos on the site which start at a beginning level: ”Buying your first Domain” and move to more advanced topics like ”How to find Joint Venture Partners.”

The focus for this month’s content is Creating a membership site. While it is certain that is does take a good amount of effort to become very successful running an internet business, Tellman Knudson is living proof that it is possible, and with online spending expected to increase from $ 95 Billion in 2006 to $ 144 Billion in 2010 the goal of his is to teach newcomers to internet business how to become successful too.

For More information about Listbuilding click here.

About Overcome Everything Inc.:

Founded in 2004 Overcome Everything, Inc. began when Tellman Knudson found himself rocketing to Internet Marketing fame and fortune with his List Crusade, a series of teleseminars that he recorded with some of the biggest marketing names in the business. Since then, the corporation has released a series of “My First” products to assist new marketers in getting started in making money online and has become one of the leading young companies in the business, known for cutting-edge, daring tactics that get stunning check cashing results.


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Seven Reasons Why Rafael Nadal Won Wimbledon Doctor, Author Shares Insights On Tennis Psychology

Seven Reasons Why Rafael Nadal Won Wimbledon Doctor, Author Shares Insights On Tennis Psychology

River Edge, NJ (PRWEB) July 9, 2008

According to Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., a Psychotherapist and Founder of and author of numerous books and programs for topathletes, Rafael Nadal won this super match for several reasons. Dr. Granat, who wrote Zone Tennis, How To Get Into The Zone With Sport Psychology And Self-Hypnosis and How To Get Into The Zone In Just One Minute, feels that Nadal

was the victor for the following reasons:

“Nadal had great momentum and confidence after his dominating victory over Federer at the French Open. Momentum and confidence go together in sports.

Nadal is physically stronger than is Federer. He hits the tennis ball harder andhe generates more racket speed than does Federer. This is a significant advantage.

Nadal appears to be quicker than Federer. This is another major edge for Nadal.

Roger Federer has been the number one tennis player for over three hundred weeks. He is a fantastic player, but he is not a machine. It is very difficult to be on top of your tennis game week in and week out when you are playing the world’s finest players all the time. I do not believe he is finished or burnt out. Rather, I think he has had a fantastic run and he he has now encountered another super player.

Nadal appears to be having a great deal of fun on the court. An athlete who is enjoying himself is apt to perform well. Federer, who is always the gentleman, appears to be a bit burdened by the pressure to surpass Pete Sampras and to maintain his number one ranking. By the way, I believe he will win several more grand slam titles titles before he retires from the game.

The enthusiasm among Nadal’s family and supporters is electrifying. It seems that Nadal is is quite inspired by his coach, uncle Tony, and by his family and friends. Their high level of energy and demonstrative support are contributing to his success in the majors right now.

Federer may have been a bit unsettled after his one sided loss in Paris. It is sometimes not easy for an athlete who strives for excellence to be resilient after a very poor performance.

Now, I am not saying that Federer will never beat Nadal again. I believe he will have some victories over his prime rival in the sport.

Moreover, this rivalry will be great for the sport and great for tennis fansand sports fans,” says Dr. Granat, the mental coach to top athletes from many sports including tennis.



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