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Self-Hypnosis: The New Self-Help Trend that Works

Self-Hypnosis: The New Self-Help Trend that Works

(PRWEB) May 08, 2011

When it comes to habits and how to break them, we’ve all seen and possibly even tried it all from fad diets to stop-smoking gimmicks and everything in between. Finally, there’s a solution that seems to be actually working, but to benefit from it, you’ll have to, quite literally, have an open mind.

Although theatre antics in comedy clubs have given hypnosis a bad name, causing many people to dismiss it altogether, it’s actually a very powerful tool. Unfortunately, few people understand how life-changing hypnosis can be, and even fewer realize that they can harness the power of hypnosis themselves in the comfort of their own homes.

Daniel Charles, founder of Self Hypnosis City, is attempting to change all of that. His web site,, is dedicated to helping ordinary people do extraordinary things with their own minds, setting in motion a new life for themselves, one that is free from the constraints of self-defeating habits such as smoking and overeating. The site is currently offering new members a free mini-course designed to teach even a rookie the secrets to master the art of self-hypnosis in just seven days.

Apparently, the course is changing people’s lives for the better. Abby from Sydney, Australia, a long-time smoker hesitant to try something as seemingly far-fetched as self-hypnosis, was quick to change her mind after signing up for Self Hypnosis City’s newsletter, saying, “I am ready to start my new life smoke-free.” An excited Nakisha Alger from New Jersey agrees, reporting, “I have learned to use self-hypnosis to manage what I eat and what I put into my body and it works.”

And self-hypnosis has implications that reach beyond smoking and overeating. Through self-hypnosis, you can learn to cure insomnia and even control the hormones in your body, thus changing how you feel and behave.

Those wishing to learn more about self-hypnosis and its many applications can visit Self Hypnosis City at


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